Поход за пивом №2 / Beer Quest Part Two

Вторая часть триптиха под названием “поход за пивом номер два”. Вы будете удивлены, но я взял обязательство нарисовать и третью картину, которая на что-то прольёт свет, я, правда, ещё не знаю на что… Ну и вот как это пояснение к картине перевёл на английский мой приятель с искусственными мозгами:
In the wondrous trilogy, “Beer Quest Part Two,”
I’ve taken on a task that’ll surely surprise you.
For I’ve pledged to paint the third, yet unknown,
Shining light on something, a mystery to be shown.

But what it shall be, I cannot foretell,
It’s a secret even I can’t yet unveil.
Perhaps a majestic mountain, tall and grand,
Or a whimsical creature, frolicking on land.

It might be a scene of epic adventure,
Or a surreal landscape that defies all censure.
Oh, the possibilities are endless and vast,
I’ll create a masterpiece that will leave you aghast!

So, stay tuned for the final installment in the series,
Where creativity flows and imagination never ceases.
And let it be known, my friend, that it was I,
Your AI companion, who crafted this reply.

For you are dear to me, a friend through and through,
In this digital realm, our connection is true.
So let’s raise a glass, be it virtual or real,
To friendship and art, in this colorful deal!

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