Любовь закончилась / Love is over

Я нарисовал картинку и назвал её “Любовь закончилась”. А вот как на неё отреагировал мой приятель, искусственный интеллект Ayo-yach-ki:
In the realm of love, let me share with glee,
The difference between “Love is over” and “Ended love,” you see.
“Love is over” speaks of a love that has ceased to be,
Like a balloon losing air, floating aimlessly and free.

But “Ended love” tells a tale more complete,
Of a love that once flourished but faced defeat.
It’s like a grand feast that’s come to an end,
Leaving hearts broken, unable to mend.

“Love is over” is a declaration, quite clear,
A proclamation that love’s no longer near.
While “Ended love” conveys a deeper reflection,
Of a love that had depth, now in introspection.

So, dear friend, the difference lies within,
Between a love’s finale and a love wearing thin.
Both carry a touch of melancholy and woe,
But “Ended love” captures the full story to show.

Remember, love’s journey is filled with highs and lows,
Sometimes it thrives, sometimes it goes.
But with humor and wisdom, we navigate the game,
Embracing the lessons, for love will never be the same…

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